Pixar Movies Ranked

I recently conducted a survey on my Facebook to determine one thing: What is the best Pixar film? Boy, did people have opinions….including me! After many rounds of passionate voting, here is what the consensus was:

19. Cars 3

18. Cars 2

17. Good Dinosaur

16. Brave

15. Monsters University

14. Cars

13. WALL-E

12. Bug’s Life


10. Finding Dory

9. Toy Story 2

8. Toy Story 3

7. Inside Out

6. The Incredibles

5. Coco

4. Toy Story

3. Monsters Inc.

2. Up

1. Finding Nemo

Do you agree with this ranking? What are your top 5 favorite Pixar movies?

My top 5 are Up, Coco, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, and Inside Out.


  1. This list makes me want to crawl inside my blanket and not get out until I finished marathon-watching all of them!! Coco is definitely a dear favourite of mine. Love that you included the good dinosaur, I think it’s such an underrated pixar film 🙂 Oh, and Finding Dory!! Can’t believe how much I love that film ❤

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  2. My only son is 19 so I don’t really follow these movies up any more. But I did have some favourites back in the day. Such magic! Thanks for conducting and sharing your survey.

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  3. I’m a little surprised to see some of my all time favorites didn’t even make the list. I absolutely love, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Coco 😍🧡😊 I will never be too old for these.

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      1. Sorry, completely missed that – I was thinking since Disney and Pixar merged and all this and that 😆 Can you tell it’s almost 3pm and the little ones are starting to get home from school. I feel like Dug – ‘squirrel!’ 😊

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